Advisers need to be picky when it comes to deciding which clients to take on. New research has revealed 60% of advisers turned away prospective clients in the last year. The reason is not hard to guess: there are far more clients than advisers, and numbers in the profession are only getting smaller. The same research by Octopus Investments states that as many as 15,000 advisers plan to leave the profession in the next 10 years. A poll of 255 financial advisers and 1,000 students, found that six out of 10 advisers had felt forced to reject prospective clients in the last 12 months. The new figures published today raise questions about the profession’s ability to service a rising demand for its services. When asked about their future plans, 29% of the advisers surveyed said they intended to retire by 2025, a figure which rose to 62% by 2030. According to Octopus, this equates to around 15,000 advisers eyeing up an exit from the profession, a slight increase on the 58% of respondents who last year intended to leave finance by the end of the 2020s.

Please let us reassure you, we are not going anywhere! Our desire to grow the business remains as strong as ever as we are passionate about what we do and therefore building a business that focuses on good client outcomes, ethical working conditions, qualifications, technical ability, holistic financial planning and successful professional relationships is at the heart of our Company’s ethos now and will be for many years to come.